About me

That’s a big question for my page on my first blog!  How do you describe yourself?

By your hair colour, your martial status, your class, your birthplace, your gender?  Your age, generation, food habits or is more about the number of brothers and sisters and size of family? Is it some snazzy words that describe your personality?  Your exciting hobbies?  Or where, who and what you like to do with your time?  Is it all of them?

So about ME!

For now lets start with the simple things:-

  • My hair changes colour often.  It morphs from long short to short long depending on the mood of my hairdresser.
  • I’m single.
  • I’m a working class girl hiding in a middle class existence.
  • I was born in Salford way before it was cool and live in Surrey.  (See the above bullet point!)
  • I’m a woman.
  • I am nearer 40 to 30 and it’s unimportant.
  • I am part of Generation X.
  • I eat till my big toes are full.  So greedy.
  • I’m an only child, which makes me brave, talkative and independent.  Sorry that’s the next bullet!
  • I’m also smiley, energetic, loyal and believe unconditionally in good.
  • Lets not spoil the surprise, otherwise I’ll have nothing to write about.. repeat to fade!

What do you think?

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