With a little help!

A big part of operation banish slug is about feeling fabulous; walking tall, with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

But what colour should that smile be for someone who is nearly 40!?

Nearly 40!  How did that happen!!!

It’s over 20 years ago since I’d last looked properly in the mirror and worked out what sort of stuff I should be slapping on my face to give it a bit of a helping hand!  Although I was a bit too young in the 80’s to appreciate the baby pink lip and aqua blue eye shadow, I have been pretty much been doing the same thing, most days for a very long time.  It was time for a re-vamp, a bit of a spring clean!

The trouble was, I had no idea what was out there in the bonkers world of make up and beauty .  More importantly I had no clue where I should be spending my hard earned dosh!  Beauty products don’t come cheap.  I could have navigated my way through the terrifying orange skinned; false eyelashed; scouse browed world of the beauty counter, but I’m not that brave!  I would have been bambi in headlights and needed to re mortgage my house!

Instead I reached out to the wonderful world of Twitter and found the incredibly lovely make up artist  Catherine Bailey (@catherinebmua).  Catherine thankfully agreed to pop over and give my make up bag the once over , as well as help me find the perfect red lipstick and avoid looking like an extra from Hollyoaks!

Every lady needs the right red, just like you need THAT little black dress and THOSE killer heels.

Any women will tell you having someone come and examine the contents of their make up bag is similar to nails down a blackboard or chewing on cotton wool.  Mine was full of Christmas gifts and free samples, so I was worried Catherine would take one look at it and pat me on the head whilst mouthing ‘oh dear dear me where do we start’.  Luckily she didn’t.  She gave me some great advice on the things that shouldn’t go within 10 feet of my skin, unless I wanted to look like an extra from Shaun of the Dead!  Smokey eyes, white eyeliner and plum lips were banished forever.  She was also surprisingly complimentary about some of the things I had.  The Naked neutrals eye shadow and Estee Launder concealer got a thumbs up. She also dug out some stuff I had never worn that is now my daily staple!  Who knew I rocked pink lipstick!

As well as sorting out my stash she also have me a make over and talked me through how to apply the perfect base.  For all you ladies hitting your mid 30’s- less is more and Revlon primer is a God send!! My foundation has been replaced with a Liz Earle Sheer tint.  I look positively glowing!  We nattered about powders versus creams.  Creams are the way to go and my new Illamasqua blusher is much easier to apply than I thought.  I have so far managed to avoid looking like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge. I also discovered how to make my nose look great! (who knew!?) Benefit high beam is miraculous! Thankfully Catherine also found me my perfect red.  Max Factor Fire & ice.  It rocks and I have ordered 2!  I plan to wear it a lot.

So in 2 hours, with the right advice and a bit of know how I shook off some of my 20’s past and am making the most of my 30 something face.

If I do say so myself I don’t look too shabby at all!



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