Accentuate the positive!

Today is the first day of my 5 for 50 day challenge.  www.5×

It’s not really about the distance or the 30 minutes spent huffing and puffing each day.  It’s about forming a habit, making a change and carving out 30 minutes everyday, where I get off my bottom and do something.  Anything!  Run, walk, skip, bike, dance, swim, jump, hop, crawl- whatever it is.

I DO IT and I do it a day at a time.

Six months ago I changed jobs, I needed a new challenge, to stretch myself in a different way.  The previous job was all about delivery, success was easy to measure.  I could do it in my sleep and loved it.  The new role needs a more subtle approach.   It’s about playing the long game, helping people move forward, influencing, challenging, sometimes standing alone and working out if you are doing the right thing isn’t always easy or obvious.  I struggled in the first few months to see how I was making any impact.

That was until I changed my perspective and started to accentuate the positive.  Rather than thinking about whether I’d nailed the goal, I began looking at the smaller successes, the nudges, the movement forward.  I began to find achievement and purpose.  It felt good and my confidence resurfaced.  I believe we all need to know we are making a positive difference to our worlds and some days it’s difficult to hang on to that.  To believe.  I began scribbling down at the end of each day 3 things I’d done well.  Not massive moments that deserved high fives and praise, just things I was proud off.  How I’d helped people do different!

When I’m feeling rubbish and those voices in my head are telling me it’s all too difficult, I get out my book. There is all the evidence I need to tell me I can and I have, so there is no excuse not to do again.

Try it.  Everyday scribble somewhere, anywhere, 3 things you are proud of.  Accentuate the positive!!

So if you are thinking about doing the challenge,  don’t let the 50 days put you off, just do 30 mins today and tomorrow……repeat to fade.  Take it a bit of a time, concentrate on the awesome stuff you have nailed, not what’s next.  It’s not about what you didn’t do.   Think about what you have done.

Go on! I dare you!


What do you think?

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