Walk tall!

Tonight the clocks go forward signifying that spring has officially sprung.

The air is full of hope, new life, new beginnings!

My spring happened a little earlier than most.  As the mornings started to lightened & with the snow falling heavy in the North, 14 days ago,  I found a new sense of purpose.  A bounce appeared in my step & smile firmly on my face.  A taller walk, a more connected me.  Since then the feeling has intensified into an overwhelming one of control and contentment. Balance.  This is a new experience for me and a word I don’t use lightly.  It has never resonated. It does now and I’m genuinely loving it.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Who knew drinking 8 glasses of water and rocking matching underwear would have been, so far, the most channelling things on my important stuff list!  The second has been the topic of many flabbergasted workplace  conversations, with woman giving me a knowing secret nod and men utterly perplexed that I don’t necessarily don agent provocteur every day or are completely shocked that Marks & Spencers sell pants that don’t have matching bras.  Who knew one male colleague said to me at a work do last week.  One of my favourite emails of the last week has been from a close friend she wrote:-

In honour of operation banish slug today I am matching top & bottom and feeling fabulous!

You have to love that!

The journey so far has been remarkable, I’m playing Dodgeball once a week at a church hall at the end of my street and it’s the best fun ever.  Food isn’t a issue, I’m eating well & thinking about what I have, not what I can’t have.  I have an army of virtual supporters in #FitTeam13 and Stuart Amory my personal trainer who inspires me everyday to work harder and reach higher.  I am also learning that relaxing is good and just as important as all the other stuff! Excellent news!

#Operationbanishslug is rocking my world!


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