Team power!

Most days it’s me against the world.  I know I can do it, so I dig deep and do.  It’s made me strong, independent and capable.  It can also be isolating, a bit boring and occasionally lonely.  There are only so many hours the cat will pretend she is interested.

Today for the first time in a long time I feel part of something, not just anything something powerful, amazing and inspiring.

Something that will ensure I’m accountable for the things I said were important and will absolutely support me in ensuring I nail them, with no excuses and no get out of jail free cards.

It’s a group of amazing people who live in the world of Twitter, they are part of #FitTeam13  the brain child of the super positive personal trainer Stuart Amory (even his door knock is chipper) who has accepted the challenge of helping me banish the slug.  This group of virtual possibly bonkers but definitely inspiration folk have welcomed me into their team with open arms, welcoming tweets, masses of support and brilliant advice.  They don’t know me, we’ve never met but they have already filled me with the passion, energy and motivation to man up and get on with it.

There is no way I am prepared to let them or Stuart down.  They set the bar high and I plan to help them raise it!

#FitTeam13 you are awesome!



  1. #fitteam13 rock and I am so happy to get to be a little part of it!

    You are kicking butt already and Bill mark II and friends will help work you hard 🙂


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