Doing different!

Today was the day I said ‘different’ would start and it’s brilliantly begun with a BOOM, a PT Stuart Amory shaped BOOM!

But before I get carried away on the journey I want to commit to what ‘different’ looks and feels like over the next 90 days.  I want to declare it; hold myself accountable; lean into it and be proud of it.

I can tell you what it’s not really easily.  It’s not about being really focussed for the next 3 months, getting ready for a big challenge or adventure, loosing weight and then spending the summer ‘enjoying myself’ (meaning no exercise & eating and drinking what I like) and then come winter being back at square one.  It’s definitely not that.  This is a forever change about who I am, what I stand for and how I live my whole life everyday- FOREVER.

My list is full of the things I really want. Some of them are big and will take time; others are there to make me and other people smile- brighten up a day!  A few are about me taking time and making an effort.  All are about making things different.  They are important.  They are ‘me’ and with lots of support, encouragement and inspiration on the 17th June I want to be able to shout YIPPEE I made it happen.

So here are my important things.

Taking care of me.

  • At least 4 days out of 7 I will leave the house feeling fabulous whatever for that day fabulous means!  Although on at least 2 of those 4 heels; lipstick and matching underwear should be involved!!!
  • I will leave work no later than 6pm 3 days per week and 1 of those I will switch my blackberry off at 8pm.
  • I will go dancing at least twice with my favourite girlfriends (no dinner & wine- DANCING!) for no reason other than to shake our booty.
  • I will try and get 8 hours of sleep a night!
  • I will read at least one book.


  • I will join a local club and stick at it; meet new people and create a connection with my community.
  • I will leave the house for at least an hour each day at the weekends and going to the supermarket does not count!
  • I will give a compliment to a stranger at least once each day at the weekend, hopefully it will make them smile.

Being balanced & best I can be.

  • I will exercise 5 days out of 7, no excuses.
  • I will write down the conversation my head has with me about all the reasons why I shouldn’t exercise and somehow I will make them quieter.
  • I will find a way to sit comfortably with my legs crossed.
  • I will do a hand stand unaided and a cartwheel without ending it in a face plant.
  • I will do 3 chin ups & 10 full big boy press us.
  • I will sort out my bike and get on it!
  • I’ll swim a mile & run 5k in less than 25 minutes obviously not consecutively!
  • I’ll run 10k in under an hour without being sick at the end of it.
  • I will start the day with a pint of water and continue it with at least another 7.
  • I’ll eat food I prepare (using up what I have in my cupboards) and leave eating out and alcohol for big celebrations.

And this one is super important.. I’ll do this whilst laughing and staying injury free.

That’s me…!  Whose with me because one thing is for sure, I can’t do this on my own!


What do you think?

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